Siam Park City Tour

Following hotel pick up by your English speaking guide at 8 am from Bangkok City area hotel start for Siam Park City. Siam Park City is one of Thailand’s largest theme park, covering an area of almost 120 acres and featuring a wide range of fun and exciting rides as well as  adventurous and entertainment activities in five zones such as a roller coaster that speeds 80kph and a ride that drops you from 75 meters above the ground. You will enter the park via a multi-colored princess’s castle. It is separated into five areas: The Water Park, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World and Small World. Your first stop will be Siam Park City Water Park: Siam park city is Asia’s biggest water park. Lay back and enjoy happy moments under tropical coconut shades. Refresh your holidays with variety of water rides, among all, world’s biggest wave pool certified by Guinness world records.
Speed Slide: A 7-storey-high rainbow slide, the highest in South East Asia. Do not miss to visit this giant fun once recorded by Guinness World.
Next, we’ll proceed for X-Zone. The X-zone houses the most extreme rides such as the Vortex and the Boomerang. To get on the X-zone rides your height must be over 130 centimeters. With a length of over 750 meters the five loops Vortex is one of the largest suspended looping coasters. The Boomerang, a roller coaster with three loops will have you racing forward and backward.
The Giant Drop is a free fall ride from a height of 75 meters, the highest in South East Asia. Spin around going up to 24 meters above the ground in the Balloon Race. The Condor will have you circling and spinning through the air, while the Topspin swings back and forth and upside down at varying speeds. Then you will visit Family World. Family World brings endless happiness to all family members. Experience a new style of entertainments where education meets fun in our unique theme parks.
Next you head to Fantasy World. In Family World, classic rides include a log flume, pirate ship and magic carpet ride. Trying them all out will easily take a couple of hours and is sure to leave your head in a spin! For those who like a gentler ride, check out the observation deck, which gives a great view over the whole park or the double Decker carousel. The Grand Canyon is a great family ride: a roller coaster suitable for those taller than 100cm. Africa Adventure seems a little outdated and naff, and probably is most suitable for young kids, perhaps as a break from all the running around. You sit on a small train and wind around statues of animals. Although Siam Park may not be the best theme park you have ever been to, it’s great fun for kids of all ages and doesn’t break the bank.
Depart Siam City Park around 03:30 pm and at approximately 05:00 pm, you’ll arrive back at your hotel in Bangkok City where the tour will end.


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